The Duke of Hamilton Pub and Rabbit Hole Theatre
One of London's Oldest Public Houses

Duke of Hamilton

Jazz at The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole is an old-fashioned, underground Jazz club, exuding character and intimacy. Jazz at the Rabbit hole began in August 2013 when local musicians Will Bartlett and Nico Beedle played a couple of songs with Steve the landlord, who suggested starting a Jazz night and promptly converted the beer cellar into a theatre space. These gigs have seen some of the greatest names in European jazz grace the stage, and the venue is now a regular part of the EFG London Jazz festival in November. The Rabbit Hole is truly one of the best places to see jazz in London.

Do buy tickets online if possible as most events sell out. Get a drink from the bar upstairs and take a seat downstairs. Most shows are finish 2 hours after the start time, and have an interval for refreshments upstairs. The Rabbit Hole is found beneath the Duke of Hamilton, New End, Hampstead, NW35NS, a short walk from Hampstead station (Northern Line).

Contact Will at or the Pub on 020 7794 2068 or on Twitter

London Jazz Festival 2017

Upcoming gigs:

Clara Green Buy Tickets March 31st
Nell Greco Buy Tickets April 14th
Atila Huseyin Buy Tickets May 26th
Brigitte Beraha Buy Tickets June 16th

Some of the artists to have performed at The Rabbit Hole: Tina May Pete Churchill Emilia Martensson Anita Wardell Brigitte Beraha Kate Mullins Anjali Perin Georgia Mancio Jacqui Hicks Trudy Kerr Sarah Ellen Hughes Atila Huseyin Sara Mitra Fini Bearman Rosanna Schura Caroline Loftus Liz Swain Sam Hogarth Gabriel Garrick Julian Jackson Jon Cox Jon Shenoy Ray Quinn Spencer Brown Pat Davey Dave Wickins Steve Watts Lloyd Haines Maria Chen Tom Bartlett John-Paul Muir Will Bartlett Nico Beedle